Mikhake Noghrehei DJ spins the music that fits your unique occasion. We listen to your input and select the music accordingly. The background of your guests, age range and your personal taste play a major role in selecting the appropriate music. Through our 20 plus years of experience, we have created numerous electrifying mixes.. We are constantly updating our archive and the collection of mixes. Appropriate selection of music combined with smooth and professional transitions set the stage for a night filled with excitement and dancing.

With top of the line audio equipment and lighting mixed in with other special effects, Mikhake Noghrehei sets the perfect mood.

While our DJ is spinning the music, our highly professional team of Emcees and Dancers energize the crowd to create a dynamic night.

We select our English music from Promo Only sets (clean version), while strictly monitoring the songs to ensure proper and decent lyrics.

Whenever necessary or requested, we create a special folder of music that matches your event. Together with host and hostess, we will review the folder prior to the event and upgrade it. We plan the entire night meticulously. No details go untouched. To ensure that the music is perfectly integrated with the mood and atmosphere of the night, segments of the music will be selected and played spontaneously.

Tel: 1(800)-237-8135

Relax & enjoy the occasion. Let us capture the beauty of the moment. Give us the power to captivate.